Inbound Marketing Process

Our process is a straight forward, no strings attached 30-day period. We analyze where you’re at, create goals of where you’d like to be and develop a roadmap to help you get there. If at the end of our inbound marketing assessment process, you’d like to partner with us to fulfill your inbound marketing plan, we’d love to do so.


It All Starts with the Strategy

Our clients come to us not for our awesome inbound marketing packages, but because of our brains. Every inbound marketing agency is going to offer a similar type of fulfillment package. There are formulas and equations to determine the amount of leads required to obtain the desired sales, which inspires the amount of content necessary to drive traffic to your site and so on. We view inbound marketing slightly differently though. To us, it’s not about the math. It’s about a perfect marriage between the strategy and the creative – and the numbers will follow.

If you’re looking for an inbound marketing plan with solid strategy and creative behind it (as opposed to a content mill), keep reading.

Inbound Marketing Playbook

inbound-marketing-assessment-digital-impact-agencyWe build our Inbound Marketing Playbook based on your specific business needs.  We start with a 30-minute call, where we discuss whether inbound marketing is a viable solution for your business.

We then provide to you a free 30-day HubSpot trial, so we can accurately measure your efforts in order to identify a strategic, actionable plan.  Our Playbooks are tailored to your individual business needs, which we can only know if we accurately measure. During this time, you are also welcome to explore the HubSpot software to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Our second call is a strategy session in which we invite all the relevant members of your team including any C-suite members, sales managers, IT managers and anyone else who will be involved in the strategic and technical implementation of your inbound marketing plan. We identify each of your team members’ needs, define actionable goals and how we will measure them, determine an appropriate budget to achieve those goals and assign responsibilities and timelines.

At the end of your 30-day HubSpot trial, you will receive your Inbound Marketing Playbook, fully equipped with an appropriate strategy and a plan to achieve the goals we have set together.

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Creative and Technical Implementation

The second phase in our inbound marketing services is the initial creative and technical implementation. We’ve identified a strategic inbound marketing plan for you – now’s the time to put it into action.

HubSpot and Campaign Set Up

Based on your Inbound Marketing Playbook, we tweak and build your HubSpot account to suit your needs and the needs of your campaigns. We also build the creative of your campaigns, including landing pages, email templates, campaign graphics and more.

You can choose to fly the nest at this point, or stick with us for monthly services.

Monthly Strategy, Creative and Technical Implementation Services

Our retainer programs are created as a partnership between your marketing team and ours. If you choose to work with us to help implement your Inbound Marketing Playbook, we will act as an extra hand within your own business. A member of our team will serve as your dedicated account representative, and will know your business and marketing objectives inside and out.  Based on your Inbound Marketing Playbook, we will create and monitor your campaigns, and if necessary, tweak any part of the strategy to produce the results we set out in our initial strategy session.